Upcoming availability for body work sessions in the Tweed Heads, Byron Bay and Gold Coast areas in April/May. Connect with us to book.


Online 90min session – $200

includes an email of resources/follow up

I can support your with Once-off mentoring if needing direction in your birth worker career, Once-off pregnancy support call if you are needing an outside opinion or to explore you birthing options, birth or postpartum planning session, postpartum healing guidance if you are experiencing challenges at any stage of your postpartum healing, cesarean healing support, pre-conception guidance.


Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage, body work and belly binding

Birth is a full body work out. Our sessions help you to release your muscles and racing mind post birth. We utilise warm herbal Ayurvedic oil massage, pelvic balancing and rebozo body work and traditional Bengkung or Mayan Faja belly binding to support your postpartum recover. We feel if you have had a baby or carried a pregnancy at any time in your life, for any duration, your body is postpartum and deserving of nourishing care. Read the story of how we came to carry this skill and benefits of belly binding on our blog post here.

When we facilitate this session during pregnancy we will discuss with you the benefits and how to bind and support your belly and pelvis to alleviate pregnancy discomforts. Purchase your own organic cotton Bengkung bind through IBU Ayurveda and receive a discount with the code DTBM10%

Womb & Abdominal Massage

This massage is deep physical and emotional work which helps to realign the womb and release tension in the abdomen which causes imbalance and dis-ease in the body. This style of body work inspired by traditional Mayan abdominal massage often has profound shifts in our lives as it works both on aligning the physical, emotional and spiritual body. It is particularly beneficial for women experiencing reproductive health issues, painful periods with clotting and blood stagnation and is a powerful pre-conception modality. Our womb holds strong emotional memory which can present as physical pain and reproductive health issues which can be released through this deeply intentional modality. It includes a full body massage with the use of our Clearing Balm which supports physical and emotional release and use of a rebozo.

Postpartum Closing Ceremony

Full day ceremony $560

We honour the traditional lands and teachings of Naoli Vinaver, traditional Mexican midwife, through holding this ceremony to its entirety.

Birth is an opportunity for women to complete a cycle, it could be releasing held trauma or memories. When birth is interfered with the completion is disrupted, women are too often left untethered, lost and sadly traumatised from their births. This ceremony when honoured and all elements completed, provides healing deep into the physical, spiritual and emotional body. Each element of the ceremony holding a deeply important aspect of healing in this four element series. Softening, warming, releasing, grounding.
Through full body massage, a herbal steam bath, opportunity to rest and sweat and finally a grounding, closing sequence with the use of a rebozo. With the use of loving touch, heat, sweating, a safe space to be held in to release anything that may arise and a coming back together. You will be given the space to complete your transformation from maiden to mother, mother to more.
With time in between to feed your baby, this full day ceremony is held in your home, with all necessary components brought to you.

Body Work

In person body work session – $280

please allow 2-3hrs for our time together

I come to you and perform these sessions in your home, nothing needs to be organised by you beforehand.
We use our own intentionally crafted oils and plant products during our sessions. Each element of these products is chosen with women’s specific healing needs in mind, your individual healing needs guide which product will be used in your session. If we don’t service your area, you can still guide you along your healing journey through an online session and you can still experience the benefits of our products through purchasing your own to use at home or with your clients.

Internal pelvic release work $320

Includes a full body massage and rebozo release. Please allow 2-3hrs for our time together.

Our pelvis is a volt of stored emotions and experiences. These can negatively manifest into our daily patterning, cause physical and emotional tension, be the cause of imbalance and discomfort. Being held to explore, locate, release and work through this tension and emotions can literally create more space. Create more space in your life to move forward and make more space in your pelvis for the birth of your baby. These sessions are beneficial for women with any pelvic imbalances, to support reproductive health issues such as prolapse, can support the release of tension due to sexual trauma and to prepare for birth and with the most benefit being the last trimester of pregnancy.


In person mentoring session – $280

Please allow 3hrs for our time together

For midwives, doulas and birth keepers who wish for an individualised learning experience to expand on your skills and knowledge. We can share with you any of our event content if you are unable to attend our in-person events. We often share on our unique massage and body work, working with a rebozo or belly binding. Our time is for you.

Learn more about my Mentoring for Birth Workers here.


Breastfeeding Consultation

Meeting your breastfeeding intentions is substantially more likely to occur with the right knowledge and support. We provide pregnancy knowledge sharing and preparation to enhance breastfeeding success, as well as post-birth support. Australian private health rebates available.
Sessions are 90mins, preferably performed during your baby’s feeding time, include a follow up email of resources and the recording if your session was online.

Free discovery call

For a free discovery call, use the link below to book in

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